Our Proposition

Every campaign has three resources at its disposal: money, people, and time. Of these, the only one that is finite is time. We will have the people as evidenced by the anti-Trump activism that has taken hold. We will have the money as most predict record setting spending on both sides. Money cannot buy a second of time and people take time to be organized.

Time is our most precious resource.

A TV or digital ad can be produced and put up within 24 hours, a piece of mail can hit a mailbox within 5 days of conception, a poll can be commissioned and done in a week. Solid, community-based organization and the program it produces takes time – and the more time you give it, the better it is.

Activists in communities across America are ready to get to work. This provides a platform for that energy and activism earlier than ever in given battleground states. All they need is training and tools (our organizers) and a home (our online communities and offices).

Following the primaries, instead of telling thousands of volunteers “see you in the fall”, we have invited volunteers in, who supported different candidates, to work alongside one another. We will be against Trump’s agenda and that work can be used as a uniting force, long before convention time.

We will generally avoid organizing in areas where, it is publicly known, the state or local party is actively organized. We will first look to medium and smaller markets for organizing opportunities.

We will work with other independent programs to foster cooperation and efficiency to make all programs better and stronger.

We don’t believe in a national approach to organizing but rather a community based approach. State and community approaches will vary (for example, Wisconsin may lean more into digital based organizing). At all times, recognizing that leaders and people inside communities and inside states know how to organize and reach voters best.

If you’re interested in joining as a partner, please contact us at [email protected]